I’m a Nigerian born Youtuber, creating videos centered around interracial family life and combining it with entertainment, beauty product reviews and cultural explorations.

Me and my husband both love exploring our cultures. I’m a Nigerian woman from an Igede tribe and Lukasz comes from Poland. We live in United Kingom and I can tell you – it’s so much different here compared to Nigeria! This is partially the reason why I decided to start my Youtube channel.

We’re trying to find fun ways of showcasing our cultures and how different they can be. I’ve been tasting Polish foods and snacks, speaking my husband’s language & cook traditional polish dishes (and vice-versa)! Coming from Africa, being married to a Polish man and living in United Kingdom – I’m right here in the middle of a cultural shock and I LOVE IT! Just please… I need my African food.

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Comfort Forster
Nigerian Youtuber